The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Wire Shelving

The Benefits Of Stainless

In a retail operation customers are looking for an experience that adds value to their lives. So planning the space is of the utmost importance. There are a number of factors that must be considered during the planning stage these can include the cost of product display, space utilization and flow of customers as they peruse the product offerings. One of the guiding principles that is being embraced by interior designers who are involved in commercial, retail and home design is the concept of ‘openness’. This has led to these professionals looking for storage and display options that lend a space a sense of openness and give the consumer a feeling that they are not surrounded by clutter.

This is one of the reasons that stainless steel wire shelving is becoming more and more popular with the owners of bricks and mortar retail outlets.

The beauty of stainless steel wire shelving lies in its versatility. It can be free standing or anchored to a wall. It can be single shelf or multiple shelves and the simple addition of shelving makes it ideal as a unit that will grow with the business. The small physical footprint of this type of shelving also frees up other space. Using ‘floating stainless steel wire shelving also makes it possible to make use of space while still allowing other display options to be used below the shelving. It is also suitable for small spaces or large – it simply fits in with any floor plan or requirement.

The second advantage is the ease of organization both within the retail space and the home. Stainless steel wire shelving allows retailers and easy option to display pricing and other information for consumers. Again the versatility comes into play. The wire nature of the shelving allows retails owners to display goods in a variety of ways. As an example a clothing store owner can choose to display the goods either flat stacked or by simply adding a hanger to show the goods in a way that emphasizes design.

One should also not ignore the aesthetic value of this type of shelving. Not only does it save on space but it also looks great. It is minimalist in design and allows retailers to brand the shelving at minimal cost, a simple hanging sign emphasizing brands and options of color, sizing, pricing and similar is as easy as simply having those display options printed.

The simplicity of this type of shelving also means that it represents great value for money. Wood and even man made imitations can be expensive. Plastic shelving is a value for money alternative but it tends to look cheap and is subject to failure under load, as well as fading under bright light and especially sunlight. Stainless steel is incredibly durable. With the number of self assembly options available today the cost savings can be significant.

Stainless steel wire shelving simply makes sense when factoring in a number of advantages. It represents excellent value for money, it is attractive and it is versatile. Take a look today and start a journey towards superior return on investment.